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Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin

A book to add to the rapidly growing genre of Chick-Lit, Something Borrowed is one of those texts that one either hates or loves. The plot depicted in this novel is one which taps onto issues surrounding friendship and love, and the thin line that separates them.

Most readers tap into either one of the main characters in the text; fearless, confident and beautiful Darcy or simple, smart and content Rachel. The friendship between the two women is admirable as despite their differences, they cling onto their school friendship and develop it into a decades’ long sisterhood.

The main storyline of this book revolves around an affair that Rachel develops with her oldest and best friend’s fiancé – Dexter. Although this is a storyline that would easily indicate Darcy as the victim of an unfaithful best friend and fiancé, it is Rachel who is the prevalent victim and the reader tends to side with her account of the story.

As the entire novel is portrayed from Rachel’s point of view, her guilt and deception is played out well, however it does not stop her from continuing her affair with Dexter – an affair that she constantly justifies to the readers and herself.

I found this a refreshing read as not many texts depict an affair from the point of view of the “other woman”. My loyalties and sympathies lay with Rachel as I could identify and understand her reasons for her relationship with Dexter. Surprisingly the text has an interesting and shocking outcome, one which Giffin keeps masked until the very last chapters thus giving the novel a stupendous ending – keeping most readers satisfied with the result.

Something Borrowed is a thoroughly entertaining and, at times, emotional read. Rachel’s mundane character is given life through her uncharacteristic affair whilst Darcy effortlessly shocks the readers until the very end. I would definitely recommend this novel as a must-read for chick-lit genre fans.

Overall rating: **** 


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