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Please Sir, Can I have your Facebook Link?

***Calling all Bloggers***

My Facebook page has been up for a month now, and after much hard work it is finally up to a good standard 🙂 I was right in thinking that it takes a lot of time and effort, but it is only at the start. Once everything is set up, the Facebook page can be super successful for your blog. I hope to hear your feedback on the page and some ‘likes’ (hopefully)!

I have been trying to track down all the blogs I follow and ‘like’ them on Facebook, but it is not an easy task! So I thought asking my readers/followers for their fan page link would be an efficient way of connecting on Facebook. Please copy paste your Facebook links below (comment box) and I will definitely like your fan page 🙂 This is my favorite aspect of blogging, everyone is always so helpful and supportive of each other – something which we massively lack in the real world. On a happier note: here is my take on the famous “Call me Maybe” song 🙂



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