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Books I Wish I Finished

bookwormNow I absolutely love reading, it is one of favorite ways to relax. I don’t think of it as a challenge or a waste of time as I sincerely do enjoy getting into a storyline. One of my reading missions is to read popular yet heavy texts, and I have been successful to an extent. While I managed to finish some big texts such as Anna Karenina, The Ambassadors and A Hundred Years of Solitude, I didn’t finish many books that I wanted to.

Here are some of the books that I attempted but never managed to finish:

1984 – George Orwell

While 1984 is such an interesting read, it drags on a bit. When I first started this book, I was very impressed by the concept that Orwell develops. It is pure genius and well thought out, captivating the readers attention within the first few pages; however, the plot develops at a slow pace thus making the novel a difficult read. I think I will give this book another chance once I have the patience to read through some uneventful chapters.

Catch 22 – Joseph Heller

The primary reason why I bought this book was due to it’s name. Catch 22 is a common phrase you hear around you, as a result of which I thought that this novel would be an exceptional piece of literature. Maybe I was wrong – although I could have been right. Why I didn’t proceed with finishing this book? Purely because it required a certain amount of effort to read. It is not a light read that you pick up after a 9-10 work day. This is the kind of book that requires attention and I will definitely read it once I have the time.

The Beautiful and the Damned – F. Scott Fitzgerald

An intriguing name, a compelling storyline and memorable characters. Why I put this book down is still not clear to me. I was in the middle of it when my order of Jeffrey Eugenides The Marriage Plot arrived, distracting me from one good book onto another. This is next on my list and this time I will make sure I finish it 🙂

These are the 3 main books that I regret putting down, and I sincerely hope that I finish them before 2014. Are there any books wish to finish this year?


5 thoughts on “Books I Wish I Finished

  1. I read 1984 but only because I had to for class. I know I should read Catch-22 and I’ve only read the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which was great, so I need to read another book by him.


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