Signature Fashion Pieces for your Winter Closet

27936460159700710_T315z8IP_cNo matter how many clothes you have in your closet, we often wake up in the morning – not feeling like P Diddy – but instead standing in front of a closet full of clothes and feel that we have nothing to wear. If this isn’t a ‘first world problem’, then I probably have the concept all wrong in my head. No matter how many tops, trousers and jackets I buy, I wake up in the morning with the feeling that I do not have enough clothes, what makes it worse? All those beautiful outfits on Pinterest!

The Fashion Piece

The solution to this problem? Simple, we need the basics in our closet before we go on to follow the trends of the season. For example, I absolutely LOVE this blazer from Mango  but it is an impractical purchase that is cannot be worn on a daily basis. Before I buy this beautiful piece of fashion, I must make sure that I have the other basics to go with the outfit – otherwise I’ll have the blazer and nothing that compliments it!

Back to Black

So, for other people facing this dilemma of being clothe-less, the solution is to always stock up on the basics. I make a point to purchase a pair of black straight leg trousers every season. It has to be a good cut, not something too skinny and tight since I want clothes I can wear to the office. Another tip: try to buy something that looks flattering with high heels. While you may want to buy trousers that reach just near your ankle, I would recommend something that covers your ankles because, lets face it, the cold will not be kept at bay in capris!

The Staple 

Another signature piece of clothing that you should always have is a white shirt. Actually, make that 2+ white shirts, since you can never have too many! White shirts are professional looking and ensure that you look up to the mark even when you don’t feel like making the effort. I like the one’s they do in Zara, since they are full sleeves and pleated. My tip would be to buy them in different styles: silk, loose, short sleeves or kurta cut.

Splash of Color


Winter is a grey season – quite literally. The weather is grey, its raining, its cold and no one feels like dressing up against the bitter cold. That is why I insist on layers (it is absolutely baking in the office), with one of the layers being a colorful cardigan. Bold colored scarves, gloves, ear muffs and cardigans are small measure you can take to add color to an otherwise monotone outfit. I sincerely believe that a handful of color in your outfit can immediately lift your mood and make your feel, and look, like a million dollars!

Best Foot Forward

Now for the last piece of your outfit, the shoes. Winter means snow, rain and slush. There is not other way to do it but wear thick socks, leg warmers and a warm pair of boots. Yes, it kind of takes away the sexy from your look but there is a solution… extra shoes! It maybe a pain, but it doesn’t hurt to carry an extra pair of heels in your bag (or keep them at your desk) to look your best at work.


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