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The Art of Anonymous Blogging

anonymous_bloggerSomebody, Nobody, Anybody and Everybody. There’s a joke about them… a joke that makes sense yet it is a bit of a paradox. It makes you think – does a name have meaning or is it the person that gives the word a definition? This is the question that comes to my mind when I think about my blog. Initially, I created this website in complete anonymity – something I was surprisingly comfortable with. It was quite uncharacteristic of me, however I wanted to make a blog where I could work with no boundaries – those boundaries that each person builds for themselves.

Now… 10 months into my blog, I am unsure of why I took this decision and what is the purpose of it. I enjoy blogging, but keeping my identity secret is difficult since I can’t upload any pictures or tell-tale signs of where I am or what I do. Being an anonymous blogger provides me with the freedom to write about anything, with the security that my opinion will not be associated with my name or face. That is such a strange concept. I take responsibility for making this decision but to serve what purpose… this is something that is yet unknown to me.

Deconstructing my decision to be unknown has made me see how amateur and infantile I was. Am I afraid to own up to my own blog? Afraid of who? and of what? These questions have led to me to the conclusion that despite fighting for freedom of speech and all our different human rights – the true freedom of opinion really comes from being anonymous. This is why the group Anonymous is anonymous – they are afraid to put a face to their claims due to the reaction of the public. OK… don’t get too excited, I’m barely as exciting and interesting as Anonymous but you catch my drift.

When I decided to create a blog, being anonymous was just an understood aspect. I never thought it would make a difference if I could not associate myself with my blog, but now that I have engaged with so many bloggers and written posts, it has dawned upon me that my identity is my blog’s identity. It has been a journey for me, being detached from my writing self and I have realized why I did it – I was speculative about the results.

The results are in: I love blogging.

In this spirit, I am contemplating shedding my anonymous identity and write as freely as I live. Is there really a point in staying anonymous?


16 thoughts on “The Art of Anonymous Blogging

  1. Great thought actually. I have been thinking about this subject myself as well. I started blogging 4 month ago, which is obviously no that long.
    I connected my blog & twitter together. I also make it possible to find my blog on Hellocotton & other similar working “collective sites”. But i don’t have a public facebook account, as i prefer to keep my private life & my blogging side appart. Is that wish of keeping your privacy a weird thing? I don’t think so. You can still be open about where you are going, what you are doing ect. You can ever share your city with your readers if it helps the purpose of your blog.
    So if you feel like yyou would like to share more specific things about yourself, you should do it, but i don’t think it’s going to change the way your readers see you, if you decide to stay more anonymous. Do i explane myself? (Hope my limited english isn’t a big obstacle 😛 )


    • I agree with you about keeping your private and blogging life separate, but until what extent? It is a bit difficult at times, since it is one person in both. When I first started blogging, I wanted people to follow and like the my blog for it’s content, rather than my own friends and family liking it. So far it has worked, but it is tempting to tell everyone! Thank you so much for your comments, they really made me feel like I am not the only one who has these thoughts 🙂 I am still undecided on the matter of anonymity, but until I decide, the blog must go on!


      • Oh exactly, you said what i meant about the content.
        And sure you are def not the only one with this kind of thoughts. 🙂
        I few friends of mine do know wht im doing, maybe about 10 of them. But for the moment i like to meet new ppl over my blog & the things im writing about.


  2. btw the mail reason to keep my blog separated is the wish to get readers & followers who really are interesed in what im writing about, in my opinion and skills – rather than doing me a favor and subscribing, coz they like me…does it make sense?


    • Yes! I have the same feeling about my blog. I sincerely hope that people enjoy the posts since I want the blog to serve some sort of purpose. Also, blogging as enabled me to learn so much and meet amazing people like yourself 🙂


    • I actually can relate to you. I realize three years have gone by since you posted this but I hope this reaches you anyway. I want to find people with similar interests just to chat about life with. We have all these social networking sites and yet I can’t help but feel completely isolated from the world around me.


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  4. I also started my blog anonymously, even starting with a private blog because I felt self conscious about my writing and I just wanted to practice more. Then I adjusted the settings to public and “forced” my husband to follow and he was my one and only follower for a few years, haha. I ignored the blogging community not because I was putting on my airs or stuff like that but I could not see myself benefiting from it. When the first few “likes” and comments came, I felt excited and well, accepted. I also felt that the anonymity was limiting so I dropped it last year and now I don’t have to filter so much photos or words and worry that I might get recognized by someone. The result, though, is just too many photos of me and my family! haha


    • I completely understand your reasons for starting with a private blog, but I am glad you made such a wonderful transition. Even though I have been blogging for around 10 months, I have a small yet loyal following – which is something you only get to experience if your blog is public 🙂


  5. I sometimes feel a little anxious about putting my own life in cyberspace..out there somewhere. I read other people’s blogs and am usually impressed with how well they say things. I am living in a non-English speaking country for 40 years and have lost a lot of articulation. Nevertheless, I want to share my lifestyle with people and see how they live too! Your blog is varied: film review, book reviews, personal I enjoy reading it.


    • I know exactly how you feel, the thought of putting yourself out there can be a bit scary… sharing thoughts and dialogue with people you have never met. However, I truly enjoy blogging and am glad to share my opinion… even if it is as an anonymous blogger. I think I will reveal my identity one day but for now I choose to be unknown 🙂 I am so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog! Thank you for stopping by!


  6. I have gone through this myself too. When I first opened my creative blog for poems/stories on blogspot, I was just an anonymous nobody. And apparently, my blog was forced to shut down. Then I started all over again on wordpress, choosing a completely different topic, something I realized I truly wanted to write about. But I didn’t disclose my name even then. I started writing by the name ‘Ashley Steve’ because that’s been my pen-name for years.
    But after a few months, I thought, if I’m not true to my readers, how can I stay true to myself. Yes, it was a very big step for me to disclose my entire identity and location on my WP blog, because my friends and others always used to mimic me, but they didn’t know this blog was actually written by me. I was secretly publicizing this blog because I was afraid of what others would think. But after sometime, I just went with it and decided to shed off. Now frankly, right now, my friends still mock me for my blog and everything, but I don’t think it really matters me anymore. Because blogging has given me a new world and new friends, fellow bloggers who I know I can turn to if I’m in trouble or if I just want to confide into. True its all virtual, but I don’t think battling with my true identity is an issue anymore! 🙂 *sorry the comment got so long*


    • I completely agree with you about being true to yourself and blogging under your identity, but I still have the dilemma to reveal my identity or not. I don’t know if it is relevant anymore, I don’t think it would make a difference to my followers or to my writing, so is it necessary after so long? Or maybe I am over thinking it and giving myself a headache over nothing. Anonymous blogging is challenging at times, but mostly it gives me the freedom to write whatever and not have anyone come back saying that I’ve written about them. On the other hand, getting the recognition in my name would be nice. Maybe if I ever get Freshly Pressed, I’ll reveal my identity because it would be an accomplishment – but until them I’m sticking with the simple life and being anonymous 🙂


      • Ofcourse there’s no hard and fast rule to disclosing your identity. I’ve seen many bloggers who write anonymously or simply under a different name. But that in no way has affected their traffic or followers.But the tiny reason I did it because I wanted to feel more confident in what I was doing. So I didn’t want to hide behind the wall and making others believe that the writer is someone else. I just wanted to give them a reason to relate. But identity should never be a factor to determining your power and talent. 🙂


  7. From a college student’s point of view, I made the choice to blog anonymously so that I could share everything about my life and my thoughts, without the emphasis being on whose they are but instead what they are. I find that blogs are a great vehicle to unload my content without having everything I write be associated with my personal identity. I’ve only very recently started blogging and even in the first few days I had numerous times I just wanted to tell all of my friends about it. But, I keep my mouth shut. The freedom of anonymous blogging is just too much to give up on a whim. Maybe one day, as you’ve stated, I’ll be in a position where the content will be able to speak for itself and my name will have no bearing whatsoever on the blog. Until then, I’m blogging from a one-way screen with me on the outside.


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