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Catching Fire – Suzanne Collins

cover-catching-fireThe second installment in The Hunger Games trilogy was as promising as the last. Despite the discouraging remarks I heard about this book, I enjoyed it thoroughly as I read the story of the brave Katniss Everdeen. The plot unravels the enticing aftermath of the Hunger Games and the return of Katniss in District 12. Her rebellion against the Capitol and love affair with the ever faithful Peeta are long behind, however the memories of the games never fail to haunt her.

This book relays her experience as a Victor living in her district – with abundant food and wealth. Long gone are the days when she hunted to bring food to the table in order to keep her mother and sister alive. One of my favorite aspects of this book is the relationship Katniss has with Peeta. Having always liked him, I find his character quite endearing and likable – even though majority of readers find Gale the more masculine one. He might be the alpha male in comparison to Peeta, but Peeta is the only one who understands Katniss 100%. He humors her in her stubbornness, allows her to be a leader and comforts her in her moments of weakness while Gale always sees her an inferior who needs protection.

Regardless of Katniss’ objection to reciprocate Peeta’s love, he continues to offer her limitless adoration and attention – which she sometimes takes for granted. The Capitol announces the Quarter Quell – a mini Hunger Games that occurs every 25 years – which destroys more lives than expected. Katniss and Peeta are thrown into the games once again, and this time they are in the games with more than just experienced killers – the rest of the contestants are the previous victors of the games.

Thus the plot is set and the games begin once again. The Capitol’s anger towards Katniss becomes evident earlier on in these games as she is often faced with misery, however her and Peeta quickly join forces with other allies. The plot is quick paced and intriguing, providing an action packed read. Without revealing too much, I want to touch on a moment about Peeta and Katniss’ relationship. At one point, Peeta is severely injured and the reaction that Katniss gives is nothing short of someone who cares for him a great deal. This is probably the first point in the series that I feel that she is  true to her feelings, and being herself.

As a heroine, she is much more likable than many others – such as Bella Swan in Twilight. Collins writes a compelling novel that is full of adventure and action – something that I unexpectedly enjoyed. It is definitely an unputdownable book, much like the first part of the series.


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