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The 11 Days without my Blog

loveblogFirst of all, Happy New Year! It is officially 2013 and we are way ahead of the Mayan’s prediction! Round of applause for everyone who survived the End of the World, here is to 2013 and many many more.

The past 11 days have been full of excitement and events – none of which I was able to share on my blog. The reason for this was the ill-timed death of my laptop, which you can read about here. The time away from Organised Clutter made me realize what a huge part of my routine it has become – I visit my blog almost everyday, reading other blogs I follow and writing my own posts. I didn’t fully grasp the importance of my blog in my life until I was away from it for so long – and typically I found that I had so much stuff to write about!

Having joined the blogosphere only 10 months ago, I have grown a steady attachment to my blog. Writing about posts about food, fashion, books and everything in between, it serves as my personal outlet into the world where I can share my thoughts with others.

A lot has happened since my last post, and here are some of the things:

  • The world didn’t end
  • It is 2013! (I was just getting used to 2012…)
  • My laptop got fixed
  • I finally got an iPhone (bye bye blackberry)
  • Kim and Kanye are having a baby
  • Finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy!

As always, the events are cluttered and random but I will organize myself and begin posting regularly again 🙂


3 thoughts on “The 11 Days without my Blog

  1. I’m a writer and I would love to have people’s opinions on my work. Does anyone know any good blogging sites?. Twitter is not a blogging site and the only way people see your work on twitter is if they follow you. Twitter and Facebook are not answers that I am looking for. Thank you for your input..


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