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Story of a Frantic Blogger

This week I had the unfortunate realization that my 5-year old laptop is dead. This realization came after it simply refused to switch on. After multiple attempts of reviving it with shock therapy (plugging charger, removing battery – repeat), I came to the conclusion that I am helpless and the machine is in need of special attention.

In the dark hours that I came to the conclusion that I must seek an expert’s advice before pulling the plug on it, I also became aware of the festive season around me. Dread seeped into my heart as I realized that my holidays are going to be blog-less. Instead of feeling the joy and happiness of Christmas, I channeled in the Grinch as I slowly acknowledged the lack of IT professionals available 6 days before Christmas.


I ran down the stairs and out into the streets, eyes bewildered and hair flying everywhere because of the wind. The rain was blinding me but I clutched my laptop as I went from one store to another in an effort to find a specialist to put me out of my misery. My legs ached from running as I forgot my car keys in my hurry and had to walk everywhere. With soaking shoes and numb glove-less fingers, I trailed the streets in search for an expert… but in vain.

Passing shops full of Christmas shoppers, I glared at everyone having a joyous Christmas eve as I, alone, was dwelling in a computer-less existence. Friends and family continued to coax me into holiday celebrations and the festive spirit, but I had reached the point of blaming them for my unfortunate incident. Refusing to eat anything related to this season – the season that everyone goes on holiday – I stayed on a diet of pizza (as anti-Christmas as possible) and ice-cream.

I opened my presents 2 days after my laptop died in a protest as I could not settle my mind away from my beloved blog. Everyone stared in shock as I tore open wrapping paper and opened boxes – not only my presents but everyone’s else’s as well. I had crazy eyes due to lack of sleep and my eye brow developed a tick. This was not the Christmas I was expecting…

…Okay, you got me. It was hardly that dramatic! I was just giving you an insight of what it might’ve been had I been in a dramatic film. The reality is my laptop did indeed die and there is nothing I can do about it until the holiday season is over. It was a sad time for me since I was really looking forward to putting some time aside to write posts and build my deprived Facebook page.

One thing that I realized because of this small incident is that I have come to enjoy blogging to a degree that I didn’t expect when I first started. Now that I have a good flow of posts on my blog and am able to dedicate time to it, I find it an important part of my day – something that I look forward to almost everyday. It has slowly become an extension of my personality as I am constantly thinking of ways to engage readers and provide quality posts that others can take something from.


My blogging withdrawal symptoms were quite interesting. Firstly I had a brainwave of posts that I could possibly write – just when I couldn’t publish posts, I had a million ideas all of a sudden! Other things such as reaching for my phone every 10 minutes to check for comments or post stats – when I know I hadn’t published anything new. Going through my Reader on my phone and reading posts that inspired ideas, but being helpless in writing anything. I was itching to get my hands on  laptop to write – something that I never experienced before.

All of these led me to one simple conclusion: I love blogging. It has opened so many doors for me, I have learned so much in such a small period of time and have been able to make a minor contribution to the massive blogging community. When I first started, I wasn’t paying attention to writing posts but instead I was focused on the design and function of my blog.  Slowly I came to realize that it is only the posts and voice of the blogger that determines it’s success.

My advice for anyone starting a blog in 2013 is to focus on the quality of posts, not the quantity, and to be consistent in their writing. Starting my blog in 2012 was my last year’s resolution and my resolution for 2013 is to get Freshly Pressed. Hopefully I will be successful in achieving this simple yet challenging goal 🙂 In this spirit, I would like to wish all my readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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