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Where did We go Wrong?

PWhen I was young, I felt like the world was a wonderful place to be. I thought people cared about each other – it was what we were taught at school. We learnt how to be polite and understanding, as well as compassionate and kind. All these qualities are instilled into us from a young age to ensure that we grow up to become responsible and caring adults.

Unfortunately, somewhere along this line, a mistake is made – whether at home or at school – where each child learns the ugliness of the world. This is when we start brewing emotions such as resentment, anger and unhappiness. What triggers these terrible emotions is specific to each case, but at some point individuals who have difficulties in their lives begin to project their resentment onto society.

Whether we look at surprise shootouts in schools, or at wars breaking countries apart, the notion of power and anger are both cemented into individuals who begin such unfortunate quests. Now we are living in a broken world that is divided by borders, segregated by nationalities and ruled by the power hungry. From the largest government offices in the world to the smallest farms, the struggle for dominance and the ultimate plight of recognition is uncanny.

So where does it all go wrong? Why do people begin to nurse these feelings towards each other? This cry for attention by destroying innocent people’s lives is seen globally – from Malala’s shooting in October to the 2012 Aurora shooting in the cinema – people are consciously taking steps to kill other people. The light is ultimately shed on the ugly and disgusting possibilities of human nature, but to what avail?

Personally, I think that the root of the problem is anger. Exasperation, frustration and hatred at all emotions associated with anger – which is only of the deadliest emotions. There should be specific measures taken to reduce this capacity of human beings to go out of their way to murder each other in a feat to be recognized as this essentially is self-harm to our own kind.


2 thoughts on “Where did We go Wrong?

  1. we went wrong where we were rude to someone but nobody scolded us ,where we learnt that meanness can get us what we want , where we were given everything we asked for, where we abandoned our teachings , where we abandoned the search for God ….


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