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How to Smile Under 1 Minute

There are loads of ‘how-to’ guides floating around on the internet and sometimes we need instructions for the most basic things. From the ‘how to wear a sock’ guide to the ‘how to clap’ guide, you can find anything and everything online. And this is when I realized that people have actually forgotten how to actually smile.

Most people associate smiles with taking pictures, with many people opting for the pout or ‘I’m too serious for pictures’ face. We need to put a stop to this – both the pouting and the association of smiles with cameras. Smiling should be a sign of happiness and of being positive. It takes an estimated 317 muscles to frown, while a mere 20 muscles to smile.

Here is a basic how-to guide for those who have forgotten the art of smiling:

1. Relax your face.

2. Think of the good things in your life, the people, your home, friends or family – whatever makes you happy

3. Just do it – smile!

Now, in the event that this fool-proof guide does not work, I have a back-up plan for you.

Here is Plan B

upThink about how cute their love is

penguinThis penguin thinks it can fly

nemoThey were finally united!

mnsImagine this is your infinite bowl of M&Ms

agnesPretty please? Just smile…

kittens in a cupLook at them!

lemurSmile or the Lemur gets it!

Now if this doesn’t work… I’m out!


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