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3 Ways to Spend 60 Seconds

Sometimes I forget the importance of each and every second of life. Each minute that we spend distressed and angry, we should strive to spend at least 4 being happy. So, in the spirit of being positive and encouraging happiness, I have made a list of 3 ways you can spend 60 seconds:


1. Smile

Yes, the simplest way to be happy is to make yourself believe you are happy. I read somewhere that if you smile often enough, you may even confuse your brain into thinking that you are happy (even if you are angry/unhappy). Smile when someone is mean to you, smile if you got a parking ticket and smile if you are stuck in a traffic jam.

I’m not encouraging a delusional lifestyle, but I am promoting the bright side of things. So even if you are running late to work because of traffic, at least you have a job! Everything cloud has a silver lining, make it your mission to find it and remember it for 60 seconds at least.

2. Suck your Stomach in

A recent study showed that people who spend 8-9 hours at their desk increase their chances of death by 60%. Well, that’s more than enough to encourage a healthier lifestyle! Now sucking in your stomach is in no way the only exerise you should do during the day but it is the baby steps of all baby steps.

Wherever you are, whether at the bus stop or in a meeting at work, just suck your stomach in and count backwards from 60 (in your head, otherwise it would be a bit strange). It is like a mini exercise for you abs and will help you spend 60 seconds of your life working towards your flat abs…

3. Be Thankful

Now we often forget to be grateful and appreciative of things/people in our life. Be thankful for 60 seconds and remember that people in other places of the world have it a lot worse. People who are ungrateful are the most annoying and arrogant type, and no one likes them.

So be likable, be positive and be thankful. Whether you thank God for your happiness or not, it is important to just have that feeling of being grateful no matter what.


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