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Literary Fantasy Dinner Party

I love books and I read a lot. Not as much as I would like to, but quite a bit. When I read a book, I get completely engrossed into it. I experience the happiness, sadness, misfortunes and endings of the book along with the characters. Whether this makes me slightly insane or not is debatable, but what I can say is that these characters teach me a lot about people.

Now if I was to organize a fantasy dinner party, I would definitely restrict the attendees to individuals from a literary text rather than famous people. Why? Because they are more intriguing and sophisticated than say, the Kardashians…

This is how the dinner party would go:

Arriving right on time would be Britain’s pride – the one with the license to kill – the suave and sleek – Mr. James Bond. As a spy, he is dressed in a classy suit and comes bearing a gift. Oh, it’s a pen that explodes, how appropriate. The reason for the invite? 007 is probably the most intriguing characters I have ever come across, filled with mystery and suspense.

Arriving second to Bond would be the 111 year old vampire. Edward Cullen would be an interesting guest for the party for his ability to read minds and have experienced it all – wars, eras and the world. The food would be of no use to him, so he could probably play the piano to provide delightful ambiance.

Just as I settle Bond with his drink of choice (vodka martini), and show Edward the piano, the next guest arrives. Ah yes, Katniss Everdeen. What fun is a get together without someone whom we can all admire for her courage. Yes, Bond has a license to kill but so did Katniss. The survival in the Hunger Games is a sure topic that her and Bond can discuss, and it would be interesting as she received no formal training.

The banter begins, discussion of survival and killing is set off by the wonderful piano being played in the background. Cullen would rather observe than contribute, making his job the most interesting. Next to arrive is Mr. Darcy. Yes, you read it right. The ever-charming and perfect Mr. Darcy. His presence lightens the room and everyone is intrigued, even  007 stands to take notice. The guests mingle and I wait for the arrival of my 2 most favorite characters…

The door bell rings and in comes Blanche, making a dramatic entrance as always. She flutters into the room, eyes darting from one male character to another – gauging who will be her conquest for the evening. She settles for Edward by the piano, who is currently being accompanied by Katniss – they make a much better couple than Bella and Edward ever did. Blanche moves across the room to sit with them. This is an interesting turn of events.

Just as I begin to tap into the conversation, my final and most intriguing guest arrives. Commanding everyone’s attention with her dramatic dress and late arrival, Scarlett O’Hara is quite a sight. As always, she is successful in claiming everyone’s full attention, captivating them with her beauty and charm. All my guests are finally here and it seems like an interesting mix.

Now how this dinner party plays out would be unpredictable but this is exactly how it would start if I ever hosted one. These are a few of my favorite literary characters because they all possess a common quality – their determination to achieve whatever they set sights on. This makes them unique and memorable. Which literary characters would you invite and how would they mix with each other? 



11 thoughts on “Literary Fantasy Dinner Party

  1. Interesting post 🙂 I’ve never thought of that. I’d have to think about the guest list. Even though I don’t like Twilight I like how you rationalized Edward being there; everything that he’s seen and lived through and his piano playing skills. Enjoyed reading. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time while reading. This would be perfect. I’d invite George Weasley (and Fred, even though, well, you know…), because he’d bring some fun to the party, as well as Alice (of Wonderland fame). She’d add that interesting, slightly bizarre conversation that no party is complete without.

    I might even get Bilbo Baggins to throw the shindig for me, because we all know how wonderful of a host he is.


    • I am glad that this post put a smile on your face! If Alice is coming, don’t see why the Madhatter wouldn’t… he would amplify the bizarre.

      I love your suggestion about Bilbo Baggins, it makes a lot of sense… although he might disappear afterwards!


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  4. I’m still stumped on who to pick for my dinner table…but…while I’m still pondering (and have been for a week), I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 award. Hope you enjoy!


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