Cluttered Box

The World is not Big Enough

4.55 billion years old
510.072 million square meters of land
29.1% of land
Highest point at 8, 850 m
7.054 billion people
193 countries

The world has been our home for years. And yet we take the only place we know how to live for granted by inflicting pain on each other. While on part of the world sleeps in peace, others are struggling to hold onto dear life. The instability and suffering experienced by people of one country is insignificant to many of those who are living in other countries.

The borders we have etched on land to separate ourselves from one another have proven to be a burden for many. From issues such as the India/Pakistan dispute to the recent Israel/Palestine war, we have come to the point that we have forgotten that human beings are the one’s who initiated and created these borders. Are these lines really that important that we murder each other just to put a claim on the land? Is it really worth it to kill innocent civilians to conquer what we have left? How far will each nation go to make the other suffer?

The fight for power is the ultimate struggle – starting from the most basic retail store the largest government offices in the world. From managers and executives to politicians and government officials, everyone has their own personal motive ahead of their duty as a human being.

The more countries you invade, the more you control, the more resources you have and the better your country performs. This is the basic logic, but have we gone so far out in our thirst for power that we have forgotten the basic qualities of being a human being. The compassion for others is lost and our caring nature has turned into an apathetic outlook towards each other…

Again, is 510 million sq m not enough for 7 billion people? The amount of land will keep decreasing as global warming makes sea levels rise. What will happen then? Are we going to jump on the throat of Everest to get to the point where we actually experience the survival of the fittest? It hasn’t come to that yet, but still somehow it feels like it has. Nowhere is safe, no one is kind – we have no place to go but sit and wait until the world kicks us out. Tick tock, it’s time to care for others and get in touch with our humanity again before it is too late…


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