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3 People you need to Delete from your Life

Toxic-RelationshipsFRIENDS – we need them. The people who we surround ourselves with become the main influences in our lives – essentially molding our personality with their presence and impacting our opinions. There are people you will meet who will change your life for the better, those who you cannot imagine to let go of… while others will open your eyes and reveal ugly colors of human nature.

Ranging from jealousy and insecurity, to scheming and evil – you are likely to encounter different types of people in life. The trick is to know who to keep and who to delete from your life – the process is simple: distance yourself from negativity.

The 3 toxic people you need to delete from your life right NOW are:

#1 The Exploiter

This person is someone who is friendly, somewhat  fun to hang out with and talkative but their one flaw is that they take advantage of you. Whether it is to get information about others or borrowing money, the exploiter will have no qualms about treating you unfairly and feeling justified to do it.

Another way to spot an exploiter is to see who takes you for granted – an exploiter is not likely to do you any favors or go out of their way to make you happy, instead they feel you are being unfair if you ask them for anything. Delete this person from your life as they are simply using you until they find someone who can offer them better ‘services’.

#2 The Gossip

Now, everyone likes to hear dirt and goss on others – but it is not fun being the victim of it! Hang out with the gossip and sooner or later, it will be you who is the one being gossiped about. These people are talkative, conniving and unable to keep information to themselves.

A common characteristic of gossips is their tendency to lie and create drama. They are individuals who are bored with their mundane lives and seek thrills through rumors and talking about other people. Keep your distance because a gossip  who talks to you about everyone, is probably talking about you to everyone as well.

#3 The Downer

It goes without saying, don’t be friends with someone who is jealous of you as they will never truly be a friend to you. The main issue is distinguishing a downer from a good friend. Downers are people who are jealous, negative and have an unhappy perspective about everything. You think they are happy for you, but really they are wishing a bus would hit you already.

How to spot a downer? They usually use a lot of flattery to mask their envy and have a fake demeanor. If someone is giving you negative vibes and your gut feeling is to keep your distance, it is best that you do. They want to get close to you to find your faults, then slowly use them against you – that is not what friends do…

Out! and Stay Out!

So now you have spotted 3 types of people who make your life difficult for no reason. Good friends are hard to find, that is why you have to hold onto them once you find them. I can vouch for good people, and that even difficult situations can lead you to the best friends in life. The lesson that I have learnt is that even the worst times have the silver lining because you realize who your true friends are – those who stands by you through thick and thin – this is not something everyone can guarantee of their best friend, but at least I can.



6 thoughts on “3 People you need to Delete from your Life

  1. This is so true. But i think all that awareness & knowledge comes with esperience that we only gain throught hard times and sometimes even having those false friends in our lifes. I hope in the new year we all have less Downers & Exploiters and more of real big-hearted people around us. 🙂


  2. Ah, I had a friend who falls under ‘The Gossip’ category. I didn’t want to ‘unfriend’ her but it came to the point where I needed to. And Im glad I did 🙂 Three years of a drama free life already haha.


  3. Ohh trust me, I have/had all 3 types of people in my life. You forgot to mention another type: The Two-Faced Coin. She’s best friends in front of you, and the moment you turn your back, she forgets you even exist and starts ‘back-bitching’ as we say! 😀


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