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Organised Clutter on Facebook?


The alliance between Facebook and Organised Clutter has FINALLY been formed. After months and months of contemplation, the latter party seems to have taken a liking of the world’s largest social networking platform, with the official page formation taking place on the 2nd of the last month of the year 2012. Whether this collaboration will benefit either party is yet to be determined, however Organised Clutter has gone on record to say that their expectations are high. The success of this new relationship will be gauged over the next 6 month on the platform that is universally known as Facebook.

Reaching 1 billion active users, Facebook has taken the unique role of social networking king. This position had previously been vacant as no other platform as ever been large enough to grab the attention of global audiences. Organised Clutter took Bambi-steps towards creating a Facebook fan page as the heightened demand and amplified growth of this platform can be intimidating for small blogs such as this. However, the tie has been formed and there are high expectations from the readers to like this great venture. (Results are still unknown)

At times like these, other such alliances are brought into light – such as the Twitter incorporation into the site in March 2012, just a few weeks after the website had launched. The success of Twitter is in no way compared to that of the second alliance with Pinterest. With the official connection being established in August 2012, Pinterest is yet to reach the success of the Twitter page.

With hopes being high, Organised Clutter is venturing with Facebook in a bid to reach a wider audience. Will it be a third time lucky occasion for this little blog? Go on, be daring and click on the ‘like’ button!


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