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Ways to Spend your Sunday

Calendar-iconFor the majority of us, Sunday is largely a day of rest and preparation for the week. Personally, Sunday is a day that really annoys me at times as it marks the end of the weekend – therefore being the reminder that it is time to get back to reality. Whatever it is that you do – work, study or stay at home, the beginning of the week always means that we have a lot of responsibilities…

Here are my favorite ways to spend a Sunday to end the weekend and get geared for the week ahead:

Watch a Film

As an avid fan of the movies, I love relaxing with a good film and some tasty snacks. Recently I had a marathon of films, catching up on the great Bond films before I watched Skyfall and it was fun and relaxing. So why not just chill at home, make some popcorn, hot chocolate or, my favorite meal, a pasta and watch a film.

Go for a Picnic

Now this requires quite a bit of effort, but it is well worth it. If the weather is suitable, picnics are probably the best way to spend Sunday. Wake up late, pack a nice lunch and go outdoor – either to a park, a picnic site or to the beach – and enjoy the outdoors with a nice meal.


I consider Sunday a day of rest, therefore brunch is an excellent way to not make any effort and still enjoy a lovely meal. Going out for a meal is not always affordable so I wouldn’t recommend a 4 Seasons brunch every week, but it is always nice to treat yourself and make a tradition out of it!


Since a large part of this food revolves around food, it is only fitting to add some other activity that can revitalize you for your week ahead. I make a point to run at least 3 times a week to make sure that I am fit – this helps me boost my productivity at work as well as maintain a positive attitude (endorphins are released during exercise). A quick run on Sunday should be part of your weekly schedule as it can help with your health as well as work performance!

Here are my top 4 ways to spend your Sunday, so if you keep alternating, it adds up to a month. What are your favorite ways to relax on this glorious day of the week? Any suggestions are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Ways to Spend your Sunday

  1. You’ve got a very interesting blog here. What I try to do on Sundays is get together with my family and attend Mass in church, lunch, chat, and maybe go for some exercise like brisk walking. Thanks for visiting my blog – I’ve just moved it to a new site:


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