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How I Hate Getting Sick

I’ve been sharing quite a lot of thoughts on movies, books and fashion that I haven’t had a chance to have a random rambling on my blog! This is almost preposterous (to be completely preposterous I’d have to give up blogging altogether – that isn’t happening yet!). Ranting and rambling is like second nature to me. As a pessimist, my glass is always half empty therefore finding something to complain about really isn’t a challenge for me.

The weather change has made a number of people at work sick, making my office an arena for germs to propagate. As I resentfully looked at my colleagues sneeze away in the kitchen and cough around me, I knew it was coming for me. I tried to avoid this – holding my breath whenever someone sneezed and profusely using hand sanitizer but in vain.  The week ended, I arrived home on Friday night and of course, began my weekend with a cold. As you can imagine, my anger towards my germ infested workplace amplified as the weekend progressed.

I just hate being sick. That is all I can say. The feeling of wearing a 500 kg headdress when you wake up, of your brain being engulfed in infection is just unbearable. And to add to this wonderful feeling, the never ending sneezing. I feel like my sneezes attack me, violently shaking my body every time. I try to suppress them and sneeze in the lady-like way that my mother would approve of, but it just doesn’t happen!

In my fortress of crumpled tissues, I feel isolated and angry – popping pills and drinking water. At one point, I lose my sense of smell and taste, resulting in just more resentment towards germs as I love food. The only thing I can do is sleep. So I sleep, and sleep more and sleep until it is all gone. Of course, my illness ends by the time the weekend is over, making calling in sick impossible. So I walk into work like this never happened and resentfully look at the germ-infested office that ruined my weekend. Yes, I’m watching you!


5 thoughts on “How I Hate Getting Sick

  1. Funny I hate getting sick as well! I hate the beginning of the school year because my kids bring home a ton of germs! This is the time of the year when I get sick. And I hate taking medicine. My husband knows when I’m sick because the whole house is shut down. No noise and no dinner.


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