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Television sitcoms have always been there for me – as I have been for them. I rooted for slow starting shows such as One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls, and jumped on the bandwagon for others such as Cougar Town and Hart of Dixie that  recycled actors (Courtney Cox and Rachel Bilson). Regardless, I have support television for all its effort to entertain and recently I struck gold after a LONG time – (since Greys Anatomy in 2005) – in Suits.

I have always steered clear of legal shows, whether it was Ally McBeal or Boston Legal, for one reason: law is boring. Secondly, the majority of shows created about law and order are based on cases that are introduced in each episode and there isn’t much of a story line. Lastly, if the makers try to take a humorous route, they end up making the show too unrealistic because, lets face it – law is boring.

Why is Suits any different, you ask? It is the perfect mixture of drama, humor and law, revolving around a unique storyline and well-dressed characters. This show is a rare find in terms of all-rounded television entertainment. The series is not too absorbed in the legal aspect of things, but it does draw on some interesting cases. I would go as far as to say that Suits is the Greys Anatomy of the legal world. 

The show follows Mike Ross, a genius who has photographic memory. He gets hired by one of the best lawyers in New York City – enter Harvey Spektor. While the firm only employs individuals who hold Harvard law degrees, Spektor takes a gamble and hires Mike despite his dodgy background as a drop-out who earns his rent by taking exams for future lawyers. With Spektor’s class, high profile and polished good looks, the show depicts the life of lawyers in NYC – a concept that can never get old if you have a lead character like Harvey Spektor.

I would definitely recommend Suits to anyone who enjoys good quality shows such as Greys Anatomy  and Dexter. It is light enough to help you unwind after  long day at work, but it isn’t mind numbingly stupid like the teenage dramas going around at the time.

If you know of any other good shows to watch, please share your thoughts and let me know. I’m always on the hunt for some entertainment! 


2 thoughts on “Suits

  1. I love suits! I really wasn’t expecting much but boy was I wrong! I couldn’t get enough of the show. I love One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls too, in fact I’m even taking part in the Rory Gilmore book challenge 😛


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