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Growing up in the 90’s

Being born in the 1980’s, I had the wonderful experience of growing up in the 90’s – an era that incorporates the biggest changes to ever hit human kinds (besides evolution – if you are into that). The 90’s were a time of discovery and explorations, it was the age when technology came and exploded into our homes with inventions such as the internet and computers.

Here are some of the things only a 90’s kid would know, and it would be alien for generations after the 90’s:

You remember when TVs used to look like this and not the flat screen versions available now.

Captain Planet – He’s a Hero. Gonna take pollution down to zero!

Backstreet Boys were the one and only – unless you were into NSYNC

And the Spice Girls represented Girl Power!

You know this by heart

This was the dream

All the cool kids had this gum

You remember the link between the two

You knew how to use Encyclopedia and didn’t Google everything…

You remember watching Lady Diana’s funeral

Writing this blog post has been emotional as I have gone back to rediscover all the things that made my childhood exceptional. In today’s age, it seems impossible to have survived years without a laptop, 3G internet and wireless wherever I am – but it is possible!

These are some of the highlights from my 90’s childhood, which is really a glimpse as it cannot possibly fit into a blog post about the wonderful era. What stands out for you from your childhood? 


4 thoughts on “Growing up in the 90’s

  1. Spice girls was definitely my bigest 90’s passion. I was born late 80’s so I didn’t get to enjoy fully the 90’s since I was still little but the changes that the world has gone by in these years has been like a slap in the face., Everything just turned upside down. Things were for sure much easier and people were still less stresed out. Good times!


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