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Don’t be Socially Inadequate

A person’s social influence has always been an indication of their personality –  a gauge of their popularity, whether they are outspoken or shy. An individual’s social impact cannot be undermined as it has helped win elections, be heard at a global level and recognized as a force to reckon with – if all of this was possible before the invention of social networking, one can only begin to comprehend the enormous effect internet has had on being socially connected.

Hopping on the Social Media Bandwagon

Being a reserved person who likes to have few close friends in contrast to having a huge circle of acquaintances, I was reluctant to join the social networking hype, however the lack of an online presence is more harmful to an individual’s image than having one could. Leading online news website reported that 89% of companies used social media to recruit employees in 2011 – a figure that is significant considering that many individuals still lack an online presence!

Irrespective of whether or not you are looking for a job, it is important to establish a basic online personality. It helps you connect on a professional and a personal level, as well as have your say heard – regardless of who is listening (or not). Social media has provided us with the best outlet to connect with each other across the globe, and it is a shame not use this beautiful privilege.

Tweet your Thoughts

With an estimated 500 million users, Twitter is considered to be the second largest social network in the world. The platform provides individuals with the opportunity to create an account for micro-blogging – thus enabling them to join the online social scene by sharing their opinions and thoughts in the short space of 140 characters. The limitation of characters make it difficult to communicate but it is probably the best ‘to-the-point platform’ in the world.

If you like sharing status updates and having your say in global discussion, Twitter is definitely your calling. By having a Twitter account, you can tweet you ideas and opinions as well as engage in conversation with pretty much anyone you please. Majority of celebrities and famous people on Twitter actively tweet their followers to create a unique connection between them and their fans.

Using the example of Organised Clutter…

Bloggers can create an account for their blog, syncing their website with the Twitter account to make sure that each post published is tweeted on their Twitter account – thus ensuring that their followers receive tweets about new posts. Twitter is probably your best bet at active engagement in a short period of time. I strongly recommend creating a Twitter account as it is a simple and quick means of establishing your online presence.

Pin your Interests

As my previous post pointed out, Pinterest is the youngest member of the Social Media family. Its older siblings Facebook and Twitter have established themselves over the past 5 years while Pinterest is only taking its first Bambi-like steps into the world. These unstable yet steady steps have been recognized internationally, as brands are striving to create a solid presence on the platform.

As a visually inclined generation, we find pictures to be the best method of conveying a message. Maybe this is due to the ready availability of digital cameras and the accessibility of images globally, but they have become one of the primary method of communication. Words are not as important as pictures – despite the fact that content is king. Pinterest takes the concept of sharing images a step further as it allows users to Pin their interests, follow their preferred accounts and create Pinboards of their ideas.

I’ll explain Pinterest using the example of my blog… 

As a late joiner of the Pinterest hype, I have accepted this platform as one to incorporate into my blog. This social platform is very useful for bloggers like myself as it allows us to create pinboards and share them with our followers to connect with them on a completely different platform. As a tool of driving organic traffic, it is as effective as Facebook or Twitter because it enables users to link their images to their blog.

Like a Boss on Facebook

In October 2012, Mark Zuckerberg shared the phenomenal news that Facebook had reached the 1 billion users mark. This is a record for the history books as one seventh of the entire human population can now be found on this social networking site – a feat that was unperturbed by previous social platforms such as Myspace and Hi5.  Reaching this magnificent height, it is expected that everyone who wishes to be recognized online must start with a Facebook page and profile.

This social network is the epitome of being socially acceptable – with the lack of a Facebook profile indicating an unusual personality. It has redefined success in terms of social networking as it allows users to connect with ease with pretty much anyone in the world. The global outreach of the platform is unparalleled by any other, making it a one-of-a-kind social website. Companies  have taken the initiative to launch their products and services on Facebook even before they actively market on other platforms.

This is where I would use the example of my blog…

Despite me being pro-social profiles and pro-Facebook, I have not yet created a page for my blog (boo!). Yes, it is preposterous but the dedication to my blog’s content has distracted me from creating a Facebook page… but it is in ‘coming soon’ mode! It is worth the effort and time to promote your blog/brand on Facebook as it is the single most used social network in the entire world – therefore being one that can get you recognized and credible by users across the globe!

Power of Social Networking

Whatever your purpose may be, social networking has become one of the most important way to promote yourself online. Now, for many, their actual close friends are their social media contacts, however in today’s day and age, it is safe to say that we have more “people we know” on social networking sites than we care for. Whilst having a blog/website is an excellent way of being present online, it is equally important to optimize them on social networks.

It not only brings your readers together and helps them communicate – allowing your readership to provide feedback/comments on a variety of platforms. Whatever medium you choose – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+ – make sure you spend the time and effort to make each individual platform work, rather than using all of them and not paying enough attention to each.

Which mediums do you find most effective for your blog? Do you agree that a combination works better than just using one single network?


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