The Leather Look

Being a timeless trend, leather has dominated the fashion industry for years. Reiterating its position as the hottest material this year, leather has returned with a vengeance – redefining style, class and sex appeal. In today’s day and age, individuals sporting leather are considered to be the confident daredevils who take risks. The leather looks has been popular amongst designers worldwide – being features on catwalks in various forms, whether its bags, shoes, coats, skirts or jackets.

Check out these ways you can get the leather look in Autumn/Winter 2012/2013:

Leather Jacket

Hilary Duff shows us how its done rocker chick style. Leather jackets best go with jeans – add the heels for the extra edge.

Pencil Skirt

Nikki Reed wears the pencil skirt to perfection. Pair this with any coloured top and you are good to go – high ponytail for the extra oomph!


Kim Kardashian flatters her curves in a skintight leather dress. Now this is a risky dress – suck that tummy in to complete this look.


Jennifer Aniston makes even leather pants look classy and sophisticated! Get the wow-factor by pairing this with a bright top.


Jessica Alba is chic as always with her bright blazer and leather bowler bag. Don’t accessorize too much as this look is wild as it is!


4 thoughts on “The Leather Look

  1. I love wearing leather! My fav leather item is my black quilted moto jacket, it’s sooo sweet! I’m on the look out for a pair of leather skinny pants and a cool pencil skirt like the one you featured. Great post, thanks for sharing!


    • I absolutely love my leather jacket as well, its the classic timeless look! I bought these really nice leather-look leggings last year which are a great substitute if you can’t find leather pants. For a skirt, I would definitely try Mango, they have some really nice and affordable stuff in their new collection. Good Luck! And Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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