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The new kid on the social media block is Pinterest. With its lukewarm launch in 2010, Pinterest is finally catching on fire and its growth is phenomenal – the website exceeded 10 million active users in February 2012. Despite the initial mellow response for the social networking service, it has grown rapidly – redefining the concept of images in social media.

Pinterest uses the concept of images in social networking – people ‘pin’ images that show their interests, creating boards and sharing ideas by ‘following’ each other. The ‘follow’ and hash tag concept has been drawn from Twitter, while the success of images on Facebook are an indication of what people what to see.

As a visually inclined generation, Pinterest is likely to generate a lot of interest however, if they do not keep adding new features to the network, users are bound to become bored and leave. It is unlikely that it will be as successful as Twitter and Facebook, purely because Facebook has a range of features and that Twitter is the fastest microblogging site in the world, however Pinterest can reach higher levels of success provided that they stick to the easy-to-use concept.

The website can engage more users by introducing the concept of ‘notifications’, which isn’t as clear as it is on other social networking sites such as Google+ and Facebook. Other features Pinterest should integrate is a better homepage, as it can be confusing for users who pin 50 images – as they only see those 50 images at the top of their homepage. The concept of repins and likes is excellent, however a clear mark of how many likes and repins each image gets should be available on the top of each image, instead of scrolling down and opening the image.

Provided that users keep pinning and uploading images, this social platform could take over Google+ as it attracts a massive demographic – women! A recent report by Mashable showed an estimated 68% of users a female, with the majority aged between 25-34 years old.

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