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Handling Difficult People

I haven’t written an advice article in a while, the main reason being that I feel that I’ve got a lot to learn myself.  Despite this, I think an article on difficult and jealous people is fitting as, at one point or another, you will face someone who tries to jeopardize everything – whether in your personal or professional life.

I have faced both types of people. Having been working since I was 17 (part-time), I have met a number of people who have  gone out of their way to undermine, stress and pressurize me to make themselves feel better. These people are those who aren’t confident enough in their own abilities – which is why they feel satisfaction in making others doubt their abilities, which unfortunately works sometimes!

These are a few of the signs of a difficult person:

  • Artificial attitude
  • Negative perspective
  • low self esteem and insecure

Whether you encounter insecure and negative people in your professional or personal life, it is important that you deal with the issue and address it before it grows into a bigger problem. To counter people who have this capacity of being difficult and mean, I have come up with 3 steps that will help you overcome the sharks and see that they are really harmless dolphins.

#1 – Stay Calm

There is always a reason behind a person being difficult towards you – whether it is their insecurity, jealousy or inferiority complex. Recognize their problem, as this will help you maintain a calm and positive demeanor in front of them. It is important that you don’t let the person know that they get to you as this make them feel satisfied. Be strong, be calm and be positive.

#2 – Get Other’s Perspective

Sometimes we feel like we are being targeted by others, and it is always best to listen to other people’s perspective of the situation to better assess it. Ask you friends or family to ask them their opinion about the situation. By learning an unbiased opinion, you too can obtain a better outlook of the situation. This will help you deal with the person in a more professional way.

#3 – Learn to Ignore

Learning to ignore people is probably one of the few skills that act as a blessing in life. If people bother you and their presence makes you feel distressed, you are better off without them in your life. Learn how to have an indifferent perspective to make sure that they do not effect you too much. Difficult people will come and go from your life, what is important is that you learn the lesson of what kind of person you do NOT want to be, and move on.


3 thoughts on “Handling Difficult People

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    • I completely understand – it is very hard to remember self control at times but it happens to the best of us. I hope your week went by smoothly and that you remained calm in handling the situation!


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