It’s all in the Bag

Every season designers battle it out to get celebrities hooked onto their lavish leather products, with only one single bag being selected and receiving the approval of famous ladies. Last season’s satchel trend is on its downward curve whilst the “it” bag of next season is quickly cleared off shelves and dotted on the most famous arms in the industry.

The “it” bag of last season takes its last breaths as Mulberry makes the last attempts to revive the satchel trend by using celebrity influence by naming their bag after fashion icon Alexa Chung. The Alexa bag received a warm reception as celebrities such as Leighton Meester and Olivia Polermo (above) were seen sporting the bag in different variations. However, this bag was considered to be a fashion accessory appeared rather shabby (apologies for the lack of a better word), with both sides drooping and the belts sticking out. The bag was not a sharp accessory that stood on its own, thus leading to a short-lived season that ended despite Alexa’s branding.

As celebs are seen leaving last season’s Alexa and Zigzag bags and moving onto designer giant Burberry’s latest bag, it is no surprise that it has caused a stir in the fashion world. You know its a fashion statement when a bag appears on Gossip Girl (above) – which is exactly how the Orchard is being introduced to the rest of the female population. Other celebrities, including fashion Head Girl Sarah Jessica Parker, supermodel  Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Amazing Spiderman beauty Emma Stone (above) are all seen carrying the $1,795 bag.

The Orchard serves as a strong contender to Mulberry’s Alexa as it has a a distinct shape, with no belts hanging lose. The bag exudes confidence, dominating an outfit just by its sheer presence. I especially like the striped version better as the suede material give the bag the extra wow-factor. Falling in line with the rest of the trends for Fall 2012, Burberry has hit the nail on the head and given the fashion world the epitome of sophistication and elegance in the shape of the Orchard. 


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