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Pink Ways to Support October

As you all may know, October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a single month out of the 12 that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for charities across the globe. Being a lady myself, it is a cause close to my heart (literally), with this blog post solely dedicated to ways we can go pink to show our support to the cause and each other. Fellow blogger Donah at sweetjellybean has launched a pink campaign, creating an outlet for bloggers to show their support for this amazing cause!

Check out these ways you can show your pink support in October:

Pink Nails

Ladies it is your turn to tune in with the world and show your support to breast cancer by painting your nails PINK! A touch of glitter is just to give the extra wow-factor and you are good to go. This is a simple, understated yet effective way to support the cause.

Pink Shoes

If you are feeling a bit bold and want to show your support for the cause through a sophisticated yet adventurous way, pink shoes are the way to go. Whether your choose heels or flats, pumps or stilettos, pink shoes exude confidence as well as dedication to our cause.

Pink Hair

Now for the truly fearless and fierce – pink dip dye! This is my favorite trend these days, sported by many celebrities (Avril Lavigne, Rachel McAdams and Christina Aguilera above) ties in perfectly with the pink theme of the month. Step out with pink locks to show your dedication to the breast cancer cause worldwide!

Keep Supporting Pink

According to, 1 in every 8 women in the US develops a case of invasive breast cancer during her lifetime – a statistic that is shockingly high. Across the Atlantic, there have been an estimated 50,000 cases if breast cancer during the period of a year in the UK. Just by seeing these two figures, you can imagine the growth of this type of cancer and how much it effects women around you. Show your support by blogging pink this month – an effort to raise awareness for breast cancer in October!



4 thoughts on “Pink Ways to Support October

  1. Great Pink post! Indeed we should keep raising awareness. Thank you for participating and for this biggest shout out of ‘Blog Pink’ campaign. Bloggers like you really are inspiring šŸ™‚ keep it up hun.


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