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Dress Classy but Dance Cheesy

With clips such as a panda sneezing and Charlie biting his brother’s finger, YouTube has become the definition of success for videos uploaded worldwide. Breaking into the historical records of YouTube, Gangnam Style has officially been recognized as the ‘Most Liked’ video on YouTube by the Guinness World Records.

So what is so special about this video?

Well, with over 314 million likes on YouTube, it is definitely one worth watching. As PSY himself explains, the video is all about the mindset of “Dress Classy but Dance Cheesy”, which is what adds to the humor of this clip. The dance itself is relatively simple but he carries it out wearing white shirts, blazers, tailored pants and bow ties in all sequences – thus juxtaposing the classy with the cheesy.

Check out PSY teaching Britney Spears the Gangnam Style on Ellen…


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