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Fictional Houses I wish I could Visit

The most spectacular and unparalleled feature of literature is the limitless outreach it has into its reader’s mind. Every single text has that been written has its own intent, purpose and function in the author’s career, however the vast influence and room for interpretation it opens for every single reader is unmeasurable.

Literature’s ability to capture a reader’s mind and send it into a whirlwind of infinite possibilities is uncanny, as each individual can explore interpretations and explanations based on their opinion and experiences. Here are the top fictional places that I wish I could visit:

Tara – Gone With the Wind

Featuring as a fictional plantation in Gone with the Wind, Tara undergoes a series of transformations and experiences – mirroring those of Scarlett O’Hara. The protagonist’s need to be at Tara is undeniably related to its status as a place of comfort, stability and growth. Tara is described as a grand house, featuring two stories and vast fields of cotton. The house is a massive structure that houses the O’Hara family, their servants and their animals. Another house that features in this text is Twelve Oaks, which also has similar grand stature – high ceilings and a grand staircase.

Satis House – Great Expectations

Strongly contrasting with Tara’s unfortunate war inflicted damage, Satis House shows the deterioration of a household due to its owner’s interior damages. Despite its eerie appearance and the tragedy it symbolizes, Satis House enters this list as a splendid and grand structure that was the victim of bad circumstances. The magnificent house is described as being a place which is dark – mostly lit by candles and hidden from sunlight. All surfaces have been inflicted with the pausing of time – yellowing, decaying and fading, serving as a memorial and a reminder of Miss Havisham’s heartbreaking betrayal.

The Burrow – Harry Potter Series

As the most unlikely entry into the list, The Burrow has a special place for all readers and fans of the Harry Potter series. Having grown up reading these books, I did not have the pleasure of watching the film before the text came out so it was upto my imagination to picture this amazingly huge but small home. The Burrow can easily be dubbed as the epitome of “organised clutter”  – housing 10+ characters at a time despite its size. The house may be small and have an unconventional appearance but it does not lack any luxuries, featuring fireplaces and a number of stories.


7 thoughts on “Fictional Houses I wish I could Visit

  1. I read all Harry Potter books before the film and although films are great they don’t compare in any way with the books! I read the in italian cause I wanted to learn the language better.Reading is such a magical thing 🙂


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