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University does not Prepare you for Work

Being previously unaware to the pressure, stress and frustrations of working full time, my integration into the work environment has been full of surprises – most of which have been pleasant. In realizing the reality of the working stage of life, I have come to the conclusion that university life does not prepare you for work – in fact, it does quite the opposite!

Transition Period

From the restrictions and routine of school, we are thrust in the adult-free environment to not only live by independently, but to educate ourselves at our own accord. The  change from being a high school student to becoming a university student is amazing, you realize that classes are spread out throughout the day – not starting at 9 am every morning for instance. Doing assignments and reading in your own time without the pressure of your parents and the fear of a parent-teacher meeting was a world that anyone would like getting used to!

A Time for Adventure

Essentially, university life provides the one gap in our lives where we are free from all restraints and obligations. It is an opportunity to explore, to learn, to spoil yourself and to experience life as stress-free as it can get. This is probably the only period in our lives that we don’t have the most money and have the most time. Personally, university was a stage in my life where I took every opportunity that crossed my path and tried to explore my options to the max – learning, working and experiencing a different country combined. One thing university does not prepare you for is definitely monotony – the monotony of routine.

Not in University Anymore…

As a student up until now, all my life I was preparing for the moment when I start working. All the exams, the stress and long hours of studying had been a mock-up of this life, but shockingly it was just not enough. University makes you lazy, you don’t appreciate the easy and flexible schedule until you start working. Working for 8-9 hours straight, sitting at a desk and continuously being “switched-on” takes it out of you – something that not everyone is used to.To add to the list, university provides no fair warning about the exhaustion of working. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked part-time since I was 17 so I am familiar with hard work, however this exhaustion is like no other – exhaustion of my brain. To fight the mental exhaustion and moodiness, I suggest you always have something to look forward to – it helps with the endorphin 🙂

Smile and Keep Working

What university does not prepare you for is this: sitting in one place for hours everyday, day after day, working with the same people and being productive. This concept cannot be taught at university and, being a spontaneous person, it was hard to get used to. The plus point is, you learn to have a routine that works for you in setting goals and eventually achieving them.


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