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Snacks to Eat at Work

When I first started working, my knowledge about the world of snacks was scarce and limited. The restraints of workplace snacking were unknown to me, for example: the crunchy snacks are not a good idea in the morning period, whilst messy snacks such as cream cheese on biscuits can be hazardously unhygienic at your desk. That did not stop me, I did not give up until I found the most appropriate workplace snacks!

Through relentless searching and devoted attention to snacking, I have narrowed down serial snacking to just 3 top picks.  Check these out:

#1 Fruit

Being the most obvious choice, fruit is the ideal snack and wins the snack-a-thon hands down. The easy, noiseless and quick consumption of fruit contribute in making this the king of all snacks. Whether you opt for a juicy apply or a sweet grapes, you are bound to feel healthy and re-energized after this incredibly wholesome snack.

#2 Hummus and pitta

An unsuspecting entry into my list, as I usually refrain from being too eccentric in my snacking. Hummus can be combined with a number of complimentary snacks, therefore this snack requires some effort on your part, whether its cutting carrots, celery or slicing pitta. Add flavor to this simple snack by adding some ginger and cumin to the hummus.

#3 Dark Chocolate

As a self confessed chocoholic, this list could not have been complete without my favorite snack of all time – chocolate! I have not been a fan of dark chocolate, however I have recently developed a taste for the bittersweet taste, almost relishing it. This antioxidant rich snack has a lot of benefits, including boosting your brain and giving you the sugar boost during a long work day.


3 thoughts on “Snacks to Eat at Work

  1. this is making me hungry! Although I was never a healthy snacker when I used to work. Choc chip cookes and coffee were like peas and carrots to me! Only the former I super loved! I do like humus though, and those lovely fruits. I eat them now, plus my little guy loves them, too.
    Oh, just wait, I have a good come back post to this one LOL. I’ll give you a nudge.


    • It has taken me a long time to change my habits and become a healthy snacker. Coffee still remains to be my kryptonite though, not a day without it! Aaaw, fruits are really overlooked by so many people, I’m glad I finally realised how amazing they are 🙂 Can’t wait for your post!


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