Nail Trends 2012

2012 has been a year of experimentation as well as a year to go back to basics. The nail trends have been varied from one catwalk to another, depending on the designer’s vision of Fall 2012/13. Here is a round-up of what you should be sporting on your fingertips this Autumn!

Classic and Elegant French

Transitioning from Summer to Fall, a french manicure gives you the freedom to try different trends without being limited to patterns or colors. French tips exude elegance, class as well as understated glamour, thus their popularity amongst stars and royalty alike.

Nail Patterns and Designs!

With the increasing interest in nail salons and nail artists, it is no surprise that each technician is going the extra mile to attract clients. Pattern nails have been a direct result of the high demand for unique, different and individualistic nails. From themes such as Christmas and Winter (snowmen and snow flakes) to sports teams and fruit (strawberry tips and football team inspired prints), pattern nails have opened a whole new world for females around the world!

Best of Two Worlds

Similar to the french manicure, this trend combines two different colors – whether contrasting or similar. Many people choose to have stripes, half-and-half or just a french tip in a different color. This trend is the perfect match for Fall 2012 as it is different yet traditional.

Point me in the Right Direction

From Rihanna to Katy Perry, the pointy nail trend has been given the blessing from a number of celebrities. It is sophisticated yet understated – and of course easy to accomplish. File your nails to a point to get the hottest nail trend for 2012!

When in doubt, go Red

This has been my motto ever since forever. Red is the color of passion, power as well as elegance. It goes with pretty much anything and gives its wearer a boost in confidence as well as self-esteem. This color is the perfect transition phase from Summer to Fall as it is popular in all seasons. Wear red this fall to stay on trend  as well as feel powerful!


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