One Word: Peplum

The usually slim Kim Kardashian appears bulky due to peplum frock

The peplum trend being endorsed by a number of celebrities has recently caught my attention. The peplum fashion started as small statement on the red carpet, sitting on the waist of a famous person there appeared to be a ruffle of some sort. That was all it took for the fashion world to integrate this look into everyday clothing and, literally, ruin quite a lot of potentially good designs and pieces.

The peplum look has been designed to accentuate your hips and redefine the feminine silhouette, especially for those who have narrow hips and a heavier middle. Yes, on skinny tall models and boyish to apple figure this look is acceptable, however it’s not the most suited look for pears and curvy as it makes them look unnecessarily bulky. I personally never disagree so strongly with any strong fashion statement but I find the peplum look very impracticable and unsuitable for everyone.

Am I the only one who thinks that peplum should be limited and clothes should not be ruined by a little frill in the middle?



2 thoughts on “One Word: Peplum

  1. absolutely agree with you! I’ve never understood this trend, and it simply looks atrocious on anyone that isn’t the size of a twig!


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