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The Bigger Picture

Two months after graduation, I landed my first job in the corporate world. Previously I had worked as part time staff at University; however that did not compare to having a full-blown adult job. Promptly after being offered the job, I faced the time-old dilemma of having no work wardrobe. This realisation dawned upon me soon after I confirmed through online banking that I was broke as well.

So, to counter looking like a hobo for the first few months of my very first job, I asked for a small loan from the ever-giving bank – my parents. This is not something which was readily done however there was really no other way.

Establishing the best wardrobe is often difficult but one thing every girl can almost guarantee is having an appropriate handbag for work. For me, this was my ever faithful black accessorize number. I had bought this bag during my first year at university as it seemed that it would go with anything. It fit all my notebooks and various random items that you receive whilst being a university student, bottle openers and foldable Frisbees included.

What graduates must realise is that in their first job, their first work wardrobe and accessories are based upon necessity. Had I had immeasurable monetary backup to fund my work wardrobe, would I have taken an old accessorize handbag to work? Probably not. Therefore most individuals should try and be happy with what they have in their first couple of months at work. It is human nature to want more, from everything in life, but when you are given as opportunity to work and succeed, it is important to concentrate on the work part and not focus on the minor things such as the lack of the perfect work handbag.

Did I learn my lesson? I would say – YES! Fixating on negative things, which for me was my lack of the perfect handbag to demonstrate my moving into the corporate world, can have detrimental affects on your levels of confidence and productivity in the workplace. The perfect handbag is just a simple and basic example of how something small can affect you in a bigger way.

Necessity is the mother of invention – thus invent yourself a nice story to make you feel confident in your workplace. With high levels of confidence and self esteem, you can take over the world and shine in your workplace!

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