Summer Shoe Showdown

Summer 2012 is here and it is time we put away the boots and wellies to bring out our summer sandals. Here are my top 3 looks for a sensational summer!

The Casual Look

This can be worn when you are going shopping, out with friends or just chilling in a cafe. This look is casual and can be worn with jeans or a summery dress. The bright colours of this shoe are spot-on with this season’s emphasis on block and bright colours. When looking for your casual look shoes, search for wedges that are in bright or block colours.

The Night Look

For those who love to dine out and look fine it is important to have a pair of heels that is casual yet classy. The detail on this sandals make them trendy whilst the colour make them wearable with practically any outfit. Throw on some dark jeans and a glittery top to accentuate these shoes in your outfit. To find your night look shoes, search for a pair of heels that is comfortable yet classy.

The Party Look

These shoes shout out “Lets Party”! and this is where they should be worn. Wear these heels with a skirt and plain top to compliment your look. As far as summer party heels go, these shoes are a sure winner.  To find your perfect party look heel, find a pair that goes with most outfits and has a slightly different look – the X Factor of heels!


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