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Go Away, Sun!

I have never been a morning person and I will always be vouching for the day that they announce that we work during the night. My battle with waking up in the morning has been long and complex, beginning in school, being completely destroyed during my university years and now, as an adult, I see myself beginning to despise mornings on a whole new level.

The period between high school and working life is covered in a darkness – commonly known as university life. During this time, many students stay awake all night – partying, studying or just being students. Nights turn into mornings, which become a hazy blur fading into dusk. And repeat. I personally believe that university life does the opposite to what it is supposed to do – which is a whole other topic but I will not go on about that yet. Yes, you gain an education however you loose the discipline of waking up every morning and sleeping early ever night – not counting weekends.

Once you graduate from university and enter working life – the whole discipline of waking up early has to be re-established. I had some issues with this. The finality of no lazy Tuesdays lie-ins and late-movie Thursday night was hard to accept, however to keep the under-eye-bags at a distance, I gave into early nights. Now that I have grudgingly settled into working life, I am trying to get used to the early mornings. It is not as easy as you would think – 8 months into it and I have a battle every morning. My bed becomes extra comfier, my dreams become more interesting and the room becomes colder in the morning. No aspect of this makes me want to jump out of bed and begin the day. So, to help others in the same boat as me, I have 3 simple steps to getting up in a good mood:

1. Ringtone: The alarm ringtone pretty much sets the tone for the rest of your day. Choose a happy yet calm song. No hip-hop or Adele, but something along the lines of Thousand Miles or Miss Independent  should get girls in the mood for a fresh start to the day. Boys, I would try something like Closer?

2. StretchNothing starts a good day like a good stretch. Get out of bed and let your body stretch, from your fingers down to your toes. You will feel awake and much better after the stretch as it helps blood circulation.

3. BreakfastI have been hearing this for years but it is actually true. Eating a healthy breakfast is actually the best start to the day. Whether it is eggs on toast or a simple and quick cereal, eating breakfast gives you the much needed morning boost to last you until lunch – or snack time!

Hope these help my fellow morning despisers. Mornings are difficult but we have to live with it, might as well learn to become friends with this time of the day!


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