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Why Jason Derulo Keeps Rocking the World

Since his 2009 debut single “Whatcha Say“, Jason Derulo has been a prominent artist in the R&B, Dance and Pop music industry. His songs are played all across the globe and he has become a household name as one of the most diverse and talented artists in the 21st century.

His 2011 release of “It Girl” generated buzz worldwide, which further intensified in the song’s remix with Derulo’s artist girlfriend Jordin Sparks. The music video, which features both artists in a collage of their life, was released on Derulo’s youtube page and quickly went viral – even grabbing a nomination at 2012’s MTV Music Video Awards Japan.

Fast forwarding to 2012, Derulo has cemented his position with the production of continuous hits, with songs including “In My Head”, “Ridin’ Solo” and “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, as well as augmenting his relationship with Jordin Sparks. Their next record is under development – literally cannot wait for their song. Boasting excellent vocals and dance routines in every track, it is safe to say that Jason Derulo will become one of the most successful and recognised artists of this decade – and further.


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