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Chocolate Overdose

On a recent mission to find the ultimate chocolate dessert, I decided to visit 3 very reputable places – infamous for their chocolate treats. Counting down and find the number one dessert destination.

#3: Brothers Oreo and Ferrero – Cravings Dessert Parlour

When I think of the perfect dessert, ice-cream, waffles and whipped cream come to mind – and of course chocolate. The Cravings Brothers Oreo and Ferrero combines these three components to make a combination that is hard to resist. The size of this dessert is quite large so it is a fitting feast made for sharing, unless you have a massive appetite. Complimenting this dessert are an Oreo biscuit and a Ferrero chocolate, along with Ferrero Rocher ice-cream and cookies & cream ice-cream – all of this placed on a yummy warm waffle topped off with nutella on the top.

Yummy Rating: ****

#2: Milk Chocolate Fudge Cake – Prezzo Restaurants

Being a huge fan of chocolate gâteau, I give the Prezzo cake pretty a 100%  as it is hits the nail on the head with their chocolate fudge cake.  This cake combines luxury chocolate with crushed brownie in alternating layers, finishing off with a cool scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Absolutely irresistible, I definitely recommend this cake to chocolate lovers as it is pretty much as good as chocolate cakes can get.

Yummy Rating: ****

#1: Chocolate Brownie with Ice-Cream – CAU Restaurants

The ultimate chocolate dessert winner is by far the chocolate brownie at CAU. Rich chocolate brownie heated to the point where it is internally gooey yet hard from the outside, this dessert gives all the chocolate desserts in the running some good competition. Served with vanilla ice-cream, it provides eaters with a chocolate party in their mouth. Definitely a 5-star dessert and worth the quest to find the perfect chocolate dessert!

Yummy Rating: *****



3 thoughts on “Chocolate Overdose

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  2. as a huuge fan of chocolate, with the prospect of a meal at prezzo ahead thank you for this blog – i have chosen the chocolate fudge cake, your description was sensational! hugs from a future doctor GN x


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