Cluttered Box

Its May Already…

It seems like yesterday that I started this blog, but according to this calender… it has indeed been 3 months. The passing of time is always a great mystery to me. When you are looking forward to something, the seconds and minutes to the moment seem to become longer and unbearable. However, when the moment arrives and you begin to enjoy it, the anticipation of it ending continuously clouds the much-longed for moment.

Living in the moment has become somewhat difficult task to do for me. I find it incessantly hard to realise that I am in a happy moment as I am constantly dreading the end, or thinking of the next moment. Because of this, happy moments tend to surpass me whilst I wait for the next moment to happen.

As a resolution for May, I have decided to be more “in the moment” by simply letting go of other stresses, worries and anxieties. There is no one in this world who has no problems, and it is impossible to become an individual who has no stresses… therefore there is no point in even beginning to reduce your stresses, because once you do, another one will creep up.

It’s May already, and I am going to live in the moment. Whether it is simply enjoying my morning cup of coffee in silence at work, or just the few minutes I have alone in the car, I will realise that this moment I will let go of worries, and just be. I suggest you do the same and hopefully, we can stretch these “moments” long enough to become our life.


Penny for your Thoughts...

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