Cluttered Box

Marching On…

In honour of Organised Clutter‘s 2 month anniversary, I have produced this article which reflects back on some of my posts from March.

After I finished reading this incredibly funny and entertaining book in March, I decided to review it for my blog.  Having already seen the film, Something Borrowed was a surprise package as it had a lot of different insights which failed to translate on film.

Lesson learnt: Always read book before watching film.

My obsession with chocolate finally made it into my blog. An addition to The Things I cannot Live Without , this post focused on chocolate and how it manipulates our diet and our moods.

Lesson learnt: Food is more faithful than people.

KONY 2012 kick-started this month, with the video released by activists going viral and raising millions within its first week. When I wrote this post, I was convinced about Kony being the evil behind the world, however after the arrest and breakdown of the film-maker, I think it is wise to consider the full implications of this issue and then finalize a stance.

Lesson learnt: Power of media should not be overlooked.

One of my favourite authors, Oscar Wilde was the focus for a post about inspiration and wisdom. Favourite novel by Wilde is definitely A Picture of Dorian Gray as this text completely deconstructs beauty, youth and aestheticism.

Lesson learnt: Wilde is a Legend.


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