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Things I cannot live without: The Colour Red

When white light bounces against any surface, it deteriorates and provides us with the beautiful spectrum of colours. As early as I can remember, red has been my most favourite colour. Seeing this colour makes me feel a rush of excitement, a strange kind of joy and motivation that only seeing something you love makes you feel.

For this post, I have gathered the 10 red things of the world and how it colours our lives in an extraordinary way:

10. Dress: regardless of the traditions of the western world, people in the east indulge in wearing a red dress for the wedding day. A day of celebration and happiness is not simplified with a white dress but enriched and rejoiced when the bride wears a beautiful red dress. Stretching this tradition to the west, one of the best moments in the popular series Gossip Girl was extraordinarily shot and became famous due to the characters red dress and the significance of it during that moment of liberation. Red signifies a liberated and confident woman – as are brides on their wedding day, as was Blair when she met Chuck inParis.

9. Nails: wearing red nail varnish gives any day a quick and easy boost. Whether it is snowing or raining outside, your nails are having their own party. Red nails also signify a power and confidence, both qualities which are admirable in a working woman. Word of advice: ditch the pastel nails and get your red on.

8. Heels: any girls’ wardrobe is naked and incomplete without the presence of the perfect red heels. Instantly brightening up any outfit, red heels are the accessory that not many women dare to wear but it signifies confidence and power – traits that any woman would love to portray. Whether patent or suede, when a woman wears red heels – the world is at her feet – quite literally!

7. Autumn: the season that brings us a bit of all the other seasons. After the sweltering summer, autumn is the season everyone is in a good mood as it brings a slight breeze and a bounce in your step. A mini Christmas before December, you can smell winter in the air and begin wrapping up before the actual freeze hits. Simple though: red leave are so beautiful, how can someone not love autumn?

6. World AIDS Day: 1st December is dedicated to raising awareness about the HIV infection. There are different events held all over the world to collect money and help individuals who are living with AIDS. The red ribbon is a global symbol of solidarity for those people living with AIDS and HIV positive. People from across the glove come together to fight this and support each other – and what better colour to represent the love of mankind than red.

5. Lipstick: the glitz and glamour that has been associated with red lips is thanks to Hollywood, however the red lip dates back to a much earlier time than Marilyn Monroe. Red lips have been considered a term of beauty and perfection for women, from the time of the Japanese geishas to the more recent red carpet events. Combining power, beauty and elegance, red lips represent classical beauty of a woman in a way that no other colour can.

4. Apple: An addition to this list, but from an early age the association of the colour red has always been with an apple. They come in other colours as well, but they are more widely liked in their red range. An amazing snack for work as well as university, apples give you an energy boost that is equal to one cup of coffee. So ditch that cup of caffeine and enjoy this natural substitute!

3. Handbag: the perfect handbag has been in creation for quite some time, but for me it was made when Hermes released their Birkin bag in red. The leather bag with the golden hardware signifies luxury and exclusivity of ownership, with each piece costing thousands. Only the lucky few can afford this extortionately priced product but it is worth every penny as it exudes perfection and affluence. Note to self: save up!

2. Ruby: this beautifully coloured gemstone is one that demands attention from the rich, expanding from royalty to celebrity. The highly affluent engage in purchasing this good at premium prices, depending on the colour and clarity of the stone. The high demand for this product is partly due to its association with luxury as well as due to its ability to indicate royalty.

1. Roses: whether this is a predictable number 1 or not, red roses are the most simple and effective medium of using the colour red to the maximum. The association with love makes roses a simple and pure way of expression. Would Valentines Day be the same if we exchanged yellow roses? I do not think so, thus the beauty of red roses is unparallel, making them the epitome of red. The signify everything that red stands for: love, beauty, simplicity, power, solidarity, confidence and purity. It could not get better than this!

Whether or not I have made you fall in love with red is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain, this colour brightens up our lives in an unprecedented way and it is best that we embrace its beauty!


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