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Kony2012 – This is just the beginning…

Today is the first time that I have heard of Joseph Kony and this had come as quite a shock. Not usually the oblivious and ignorant kind, I try to stay up-to-date with current affairs, but there is only so much you can know whilst juggling a new career and blog.

Until yesterday, Kony was just a funny word that I would not have identified and linked with one of the world’s most wanted criminals. Jason Russell has done the world a huge favour and brought this man’s actions into the spotlight for the rest of us. What our stance is with regards to what is happening in Africa is probably the same, irrespective of what race, religion or region we come from –what is happening in Africa is wrong and no children in the world deserve to live in constant fear.

The 30 minute film accounts the findings of some Americans who visited Africa and have been working towards bringing awareness to the issue for the past decade. The title of this movement  is Invisible Children and it seeks to bring people together in way that will essentially redefine the scope of being an activist. From rebuilding schools to bringing awareness, this campaign is dedicated to doing the best for the human population, feeding on the hope to salvage humanity. The extraordinary power of people is highlighted throughout the film and it portrays the unfairness and brutality of the situation that children in Africa are facing.

Igniting a fierce debate across all social media platforms, this documentary film is made to provoke and motivate young individuals into taking a stand against mistreatment of other human beings in a different country. Unfortunately, not all of the debate and discussion has been positive. Many individuals have spoken up, pointing out the unfairness that Palestinian children have been facing for decades, and more recently – the Syrian children.

What these people need to ask themselves is: does it really matter where we start?

The first step needs to be initiated somewhere and Kony2012 is an active campaign that has already sparked interest worldwide. Instead of segregating and dividing again, we ALL have to come together as the HUMAN RACE and protect ourselves, our children and our people from further mistreatment and harm.

Become part of something bigger – something bigger than choosing the right university, the suitable college and the better career – something which can potentially shape the future in an unexpected and positive way. We are being given an opportunity to make a difference, isn’t that what it is all about?

For more information on Kony2012 campaign, please visit


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