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Chocolate Cravings

The things I cannot live without 2: Chocolate

No matter how much I try, chocolate seems to be one of the most prevalent and relentless addictions of my life. I have tried to trick myself into thinking that it is something I can live without, but in vain. Thus arriving at the conclusion that chocolate will be one of my first loves, one that will not cheat on me and one which will not leave me. Now why would I want to get rid of something that keeps me so happy?

Chocolate is one of my weaknesses, only because I love it so much. Many people feel this irrational and incessant love towards fruit and health bars. They are forever craving a fresh orange juice and slices of bananas, mixed in yoghurt with lemon juice. The thought of a health bar drives them to levels of insanity where they are incapable of functioning without indulging in one.

These people do not exist. Ok, maybe that is an over-the-top generalisation, but the proportion of people who crave healthy food is MUCH less than people who crave chocolate and all other things sweet. This is where I start to wonder how life would be if I had been brought up thinking fruit is bad and chocolate is good for your health. Would I crave for apples and pears instead of chocolate cupcakes and fudge brownies? Therefore the profound question:

Are we too wrapped up in the traditions of things and how we are told to think that we miss the big picture? Are we really making our own decision about our likes and dislikes, or is it just everyone else around us?

I would answer that question and divulge into the bottomless explanations of human nature but the oven just beeped – the chocolate cupcakes are ready. On that note: Happy Monday! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Cravings

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  3. I can’t remember what I was searching and how I stumbled across this blog but it made me smile, you deserve brownie points 🙂


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